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Toronto Condo Prices

Toronto Condo Prices

Toronto Condo Prices are continuing to to stay in balance despite new inventory coming on to the market.  Broad factors have gone unchanged so far in 2007 with key indicators remaining the same.

The choice of Toronto Condos is vast and varied with new projects entering the Toronto Real Estate market on a regular basis.

Prices are still staying in check with builders watching their inventory at the same time.

Toronto Condo prices and sales are sustained by affordability even with the growing number of luxury high-rise condos coming on this market.

Here is the average price for new Condo prices for May,2007  in the Toronto Market.

Price per square foot and average price:

Greater Toronto Area: $354  $315,587 

Downtown Core: $699  $532,399

Central Waterfront: $426  $335,122

Downtown West: $432  $398,396

Downtown East: $350  $319,726

North Toronto: $507  $636,711

Toronto West: $349 $262,443

Toronto East: $337  $237,216

Bloor/Yorkville: $572  $572,261

Sheppard Corridor: $411  $378,191

North Yonge Corridor: $355  $288,261

Thornhill: $319  $310,300

Highway 7/North Yonge: $336  $349,306

Mississauga City Centre: $324  $271,615

Scarborough City Centre: $299  $234,865

From the above figures we can see the broad diversity of projects througout the Toronto Area and this really helps to keep the prices in check.

When the average price per sq. foot starts to rise , Condo sales will start to drop off but that has not happened in Toronto yet, as compared to Calgary and Vancouver.

Updated & Revised July 2016!

Note: The above Toronto Condo Blog Post was dated 2007! These average Prices are long gone!

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